This year's conference programme will include a choice of workshops to take place on Monday November 11, 2019.

MehranWeb.jpgMehran Mossadegh

Strategic Negotiation and Influencing for Science Professionals
9.00am - 3.00pm, Monday November 11, 2019

Mehran Mossadegh is the founder of NegotiationWise, specialising in helping to understand the art of influencing and engaging in collaborative discussions.

During this practical workshop for science professionals, Mehran will help participants to increase their ability to develop and manage relationships, create harmony amongst all stakeholders, be in a better position to develop and sustain long-term collaborative partnerships and strengthen pathways to securing successful outcomes in negotiations.  We will learn collaboration techniques to achieve meaningful commitments within the laboratory and amongst other stakeholders and extend and enhance negotiation and influencing capabilities.

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Sabina Vitacca


Techniques to Bring Positive Changes in a Laboratory Environment
9.00am - 3.00pm, Monday November 11, 2019

This workshop will explore the science behind human behaviour and decision making in a fast-paced laboratory setting and will offer actionable take outs to drive improvement in the workplace for both individuals and teams.

Participants will examine challenges and opportunities of life working within the laboratory setting, learning techniques designed to improve leadership capabilities, team collaboration and reduction of stress when under pressure.  This interactive workshop will address how to maintain, or increase productivity in a change oriented environment, through considered thinking, tools and techniques. Recognising the challenges of a results oriented, high pressure environment, Sabina will guide participants to become acutely aware of  the power of influencing their own behaviour through mindfulness to drive stronger outcomes. Participants will be taught to identify stress triggers and challenges as well as work through an action oriented plan to counter balance pressure into positive business outcomes. Expect to leave feeling enabled to consciously lead resilient teams enjoying a surge in productivity.

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Andy Taylor
John Morris Group


Vacuum Technology Workshop
3.30pm - 5.00pm, Monday November 11, 2019

After a discussion of vacuum technology, John Morris Group's Andy Taylor will guide participants through an interactive session covering all types of low to high vacuum pumping techniques, vacuum gauges and vacuum practices.  The session will include an overview of pump types, applications, general physical deposition and leak detection.  Examining major components, participants will be able to determine the most appropriate pumps, gauges, systems and applications for their laboratory. 

Andy has 34 years in the general high vacuum industry , an ex Edwards Vacuum apprentice with years of field service experience, and having been both a sales engineer for several UK vacuum companies and having successfully run his own vacuum service company for many years in the UK.

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