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OnQ Software

OnQ Software are LIMS experts with a proven track record in delivering real benefits for laboratories around the globe. We are Australia's only locally based LIMS Software provider, but our uniqueness is not in our location it’s in our process. We've worked with scientific leaders for over 25 years and understand that no two laboratories are ever the same.
Our service goes further than selling out of the box solutions as we partner with you every step of the way, creating software that forms a natural support to your own scientific skills. We embrace the challenge of innovating, challenging and developing to find the perfect fit.
We offer each of our clients a personalised experience. Our team of experts go above and beyond to create the best solution for your lab; as the relationship doesn't stop at launch, our team will work with you every step of the way to create an information management system that is truly lab grown.


Bio-Strategy Logo

Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd

Bio-Strategy is an established locally-owned ISO 9001:2015 accredited distributor delivering technology to the Scientific Community throughout Australasia. Bio-Strategy’s team of highly qualified professionals share a passion for science. In partnership with world leading suppliers and manufacturers we provide quality technology solutions including instrumentation, consumables, chemicals and reagents for research, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics, education and industrial applications. For peace of mind, Bio-Strategy’s dedicated team provides excellent service and support for all the products we offer.

Our portfolio includes products from Hamilton, PHCbi, Corning, Ansell, VWR, Pall and Tomy, offering solutions for liquid handling, incubation, refrigeration, cell culture, genomics, sterilisation, analytical chemistry and general research.


Lims1 Logo


Lims1 is an easy and flexible Laboratory Information Management System. The fully integrated system takes care of the entry, storage, tracking, analysis and reporting of laboratory sample data. Lims1 combines ease of use with a high degree of flexibility.

Laboratories are faced with a unique challenge. Our Research and Development team were given a simple brief.

“Design a LIMS software as a service package. It must be affordable, costing as little as $12,000 per annum. This should include all software and installation. The client laboratory must immediately be able to use the software and derive productivity gain from day one with the ability to add on modules as they grow.”

This has now been completed.



Coregas is a gases specialist that has been supplying a range of industries with specialty, industrial and medical gases and services since 1974. As part of Wesfarmers, we are Australian owned, manufacturing locally and distributing across Australia.

From single cylinders to on-site delivery systems, we provide the right gas in the volume and frequency you require, plus the equipment to work with it.



LabWareLogo.pngLabWare Australia Pty Ltd

LabWare is the clear industry leader in laboratory automation software with LabWare LIMS™ (Laboratory Information Management System) and LabWare ELN™ - a fully integrated Electronic Laboratory Notebook application. LabWare has achieved success by meeting commitments and exceeding expectations in LIMS and ELN projects large & small, local & global, routine & complex.

We empower our customers to succeed because we engineer and deliver a full featured, configurable, enterprise solution that provides results and retains its value. LabWare has a truly global presence with an extensive and experienced services team that will help you configure your system to meet your requirements and satisfy your expectations.

LabWare offers the industry’s broadest range of user-configurable functionality and is based entirely on open standards. This provides the best solution to current requirements and also enables the system to be readily adapted as your business needs change.


LabBench.jpgLab Bench

The Australian company WECRE8 Pty Ltd trades as Lab Bench, designing and manufacturing mobile scientific research benches. Although Lab Bench is able to design
and build mobile benches for most laboratory purpose its current focus in on a range of modular benches to suit liquid chromatography, gas chromatography and mass
spectrometry instrumentation.

Design is done inhouse at our Sydney base, as is all frame fabrication, panel molding, electronic loom manufacturing and assembly.

Lab Bench is new to the scientific research industry and relishing the opportunity to aid researches with innovative, customized instrument holding solutions.
Currently Lab Bench instrument benches can be found at NSW Racing, VIC Institute of Forensics, Sydney Water, The Bosch Institute, QLD University, Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital, QLD Racing, Shimadzu Scientific and more…


CACgasW.pngCAC Gas & Instrumentation

CAC Gas & Instrumentation provides customers with exceptional support when sourcing reference gas mixtures and associated gas control systems.

We offer specialty gas solutions for laboratory gas analysis, environmental monitoring, process gas analysis and gas detection applications for OH&S.   Good gas chromatography requires the highest quality and lowest uncertainty reference gases to provide accurate and repeatable measurements. CAC GAS provides gravimetrically manufactured calibration and speciality gas mixtures manufactured in accordance to ISO standards.  Additionally, CAC GAS provides carrier gas generators, gas dividers and gas mixers to compliment the benefits of our high-quality reference gases. With a complete line of gas control products, CAC GAS can provide a total solution for any laboratory application.

Leaders in providing unique solutions, CAC GAS takes the time necessary to provide the most efficient and cost effective solution possible for the largest and smallest of applications.


AntonPaar.jpgAnton Paar Australia

Anton Paar develops, produces and distributes highly accurate laboratory instruments and process measuring systems, and provides custom-tailored automation and robotic solutions.  Anton Paar Australia is a 100% subsidiary of Anton Paar GmbH, Austria

Anton Paar, founded in 1922, has a long history of providing high-end laboratory instruments: density meters, refractometers, polarimeters, instruments for sample preparation and synthesis, viscometers, rheometers, and instruments for material characterisation.  Anton Paar has your solution for inline production monitoring: The portfolio covers density and concentration sensors, inline refractometers, process viscometers and sensors for measuring dissolved CO₂ and O2.

Over 3200 employees at the headquarters in Graz, six other producing subsidiaries, and 31 sales subsidiaries worldwide ensure that Anton Paar products live up to their excellent reputation. The core competence of Anton Paar – high-precision production – and close contact to the scientific community form the basis for the quality of Anton Paar’s instruments.

Anton Paar GmbH is owned by the charitable Santner Foundation.


ButlerTechW.jpgButler Techsense

With 20 years of experience in industrial and laboratory instrumentation, Butler Techsense is a proven supplier of quality assurance instruments for pharmaceutical, GMP, medical, scientific, laboratory and food production industries.

Butler Techsence offers a range of measurement solutions for temperature, relative humidity, pressure, pH, conductivity. These include hand held instruments, sensors and data logging devices and wireless environmental monitoring systems.

We are proud to be the Australian and New Zealand partner of JRI, a leading global manufacturer of IoT solutions for laboratory environmental monitoring of refrigerators, freezers, ovens, incubators and storage rooms.


In Vitro Technologies.jpg
In Vitro Technologies

In Vitro Technologies are the premier supplier for cell biology and translational research throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our range of cells, consumables, reagents and laboratory equipment are carefully selected to support your research workflow. By partnering with world-class suppliers, and taking the time to fully understand the complicated needs of each individual laboratory and facility, In Vitro Technologies can provide support, service, and solutions enabling the generation of fast, high quality, reproducible data, for high impact publications.  

Our philosophy is that we succeed only when you succeed - and we are committed to working hard to ensure you achieve your research goals. This means that if you purchase products from us, we want you to be completely happy while using it. Quality products, life-time care.
Accelerate your discovery with In Vitro Technologies.


Proficiency Testing Australia

Proficiency Testing Australia is one of Australia's largest and most experienced proficiency testing providers. We have a reputation for providing friendly, customer-focussed service using qualified, experienced staff and specialists.

Fields of testing included in our scope:
- Environmental (Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Legionella, Water Biological and Algae)
- Biological (Dialysis Water)
- Food (Pathogens, Non-pathogens and Chemical Properties)
- Chemical (Asbestos Identification, National Asbestos Programme, Asbestos in Soils, Air and emissions, Bitumen, Cement, Coal, Metal Alloys, Paint, Soils, Waters, Geochemical, Wine and PCBs)
- Construction Materials (Aggregates, Asphalt, Concrete, Soils and Rocks)
- Mechanical (Hardness Testing of Metals, Tensile Testing of Metals, Impact Testing of Metals, Chains and Textiles)
- Non-Destructive Testing (Magnetic Particle Inspection, Radiography and Ultrasonics)
- Calibration (Acoustic and Vibration, Electrical, Gravimetric, Heat and Temperature, Optics and Radiometry, Physical and Dimensional and Metrology)

For more information, contact us at


Capella Science

Capella Sciences brings together some of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium laboratory equipment and instrumentation from Europe and the US.

Kuhner (Switzerland) – premium shaking incubators
Sphere Fluidics (UK) – cell analysis systems for cell line development and antibody discovery
Andrew Alliance (Switzerland) – liquid handling robotics
Equitec (Spain) – ULT freezers
NinoLab (Sweden) – Class II and LAF cabinets
Kirsch (Germany) – lab fridges and freezers
Omni (US) – bead mill homogenisers
Ohaus (US) – centrifuges and balances
Statebourne (UK) – cryogenic storage systems
Tenak (Denmark) – freezer inventory systems
GFL (Germany) – shakers and water baths
Sy-Lab (Austria) – controlled rate freezers
Wasserlab (Spain) – water purification systems
IUL (Spain) – microbiology automation

And many more...

In addition to supplying a high-quality range of lab equipment, we support everything we sell, with a nationwide network of technical service support.



The SARSTEDT Group has its headquarters in Nuembrecht, Germany, and is active worldwide through 33 of its own sales organisations and an extensive network of distributors.

Since its founding in 1961, SARSTEDT has consistently emphasized innovation and quality, closely aligned with our customers’ needs.

We provide our customers with an exceptionally wide and continually developing range of products. These include the S-Monovette enclosed blood collection system, life science and laboratory products, and products designed for clinical use, transfusion medicine and laboratory automation systems.
The strength and extensive depth of our product range is enhanced by production locations in Australia, Europe, North and South America.

Along the whole length of the value chain, 2500 motivated and qualified employees in Customer Service, Development, Production, Quality, Distribution and Support guarantee optimal SARSTEDT quality to our customers.